DICE Electronics Files Bankruptcy

DICE Electronics Files Bankruptcy

Amy Gilroy March 28, 2013 1

DICE Electronics, the maker of car audio kits and Internet Radio add-on devices, has sought  Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Central District of California. DICE filed a petition for bankruptcy on March 25 stating

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Audiovox DICE Kits Compatible With iOS6; iPhone 5 Without Adapter

Amy Gilroy September 26, 2012 Comments Off

Audiovox Driven by DICE announced the first car kits to work with the iPhone 5 without an adapter, as well as older iPhones running the new iOS 6 Apple operating system. Two advanced DICE

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Pioneer, DICE Deliver Siri Control This Month

Amy Gilroy August 22, 2012 Comments Off

By the end of the month, at least two brands of aftermarket products will allow you to press a button on a car radio to launch Siri–Apple’s voice control feature. Two of Pioneer’s 2013

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Car Audio Shift Due This Fall With Expected iPhone 5

Amy Gilroy July 23, 2012 Comments Off

The next iPhone, expected this fall, will include a new connector that’s smaller than the current 30-pin dock at the bottom of the phone, according to  Reuters and TechCrunch.   The rumors, circulating for over

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Aftermarket Kit with Siri “Eyes Free”

Amy Gilroy June 21, 2012 Comments Off

DICE (now Audiovox Driven by DICE) has added Siri capability to its MediaBridge car kits. By pressing the steering wheel “voice” button in BMW, Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, drivers may ask Siri to send

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DICE Brand Is Now Audiovox Driven by DICE

Amy Gilroy January 11, 2012 Comments Off

Audiovox and DICE have formed a partnership where Audiovox will distribute, market, and sell DICE car audio kits, while DICE will continue to focus on engineering and developing new products. DICE car kits will

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DICE: First iOS5 Car Kit Update

Amy Gilroy November 11, 2011 Comments Off

DICE Electronics has released an update for its car audio kits that supports iOS5, which allows for some new car radio controls and features. Said DICE’s Steve Witt, “Based on what we know, in

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DICE Launches OE Integration Training

Amy Gilroy May 18, 2011 7

OE integration devices that let you add-on to your car’s factory stereo system have a problem.  They are misunderstood and often shunned by floor sales people who rather sell a car radio. If only

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DICE Ships Internet Radio Kits for Cars

Amy Gilroy May 11, 2011 Comments Off

If you want to add Internet Radio to your current car, there’s a kit for that. DICE is now shipping its iPhone car kits that let you connect to Livio Radio for access to

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GM Eye’s Netflix in the Car

Amy Gilroy January 20, 2011 2

Thought Pioneer and JVC are the only companies interested in streaming Netflix to a car monitor? Nope. General Motors has its eye on apps like Netflix, it said during the Consumer Electronics Show. General

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Amy Gilroy December 28, 2010 Comments Off

DICE is introducing a new car kit for BMW called the DUO that adds Sirius satellite radio as well as iPod/iPhone and other features. And because the DUO is updatable via USB, it will

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First iPod Out Kit Debuts from DICE

Amy Gilroy October 10, 2010 Comments Off

DICE Electronics is the first aftermarket company to use Apple’s iPod Out feature that lets a car radio screen become an identical mirror for the iPhone or iPod touch screen. And iPod Out also

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K’Fest Attendees Get Buying Discounts

Amy Gilroy October 7, 2010 Comments Off

KnowledgeFest showgoers can get special purchase discounts from some of the vendors displaying at the car electronics tradeshow in Dallas starting Sunday. Sponsor of the event, the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA), said it

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Mobile DTV Update

Amy Gilroy September 9, 2010 Comments Off

After a quiet summer there’s some news recently on Mobile DTV (ATSC M/H)—the free digital broadcast TV service for car and portable gadgets. The first phase of the Washington DC trials for Mobile DTV

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DICE, Rydeen Ready Mobile DTV

Amy Gilroy July 27, 2010 Comments Off

Mobile DTV is gaining steam and it looks like it will be abundant at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. DICE is readying a Mobile DTV tuner for a possible preview this October

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DICE, Aamp & Others Sued

Amy Gilroy July 19, 2010 3

DICE, Aamp of America, PIE, USA Spec, and Vais Technology have been sued for patent infringement on iPod and other car kits by the owner of Blitzsafe, a car kit maker. The suit, Marlowe

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