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B&N May Discontinue Nook 3G

Amy Gilroy January 25, 2011 Comments Off

Barnes & Noble will phase out its black and white 3G Nook, leaving it with only 2 eBook choices: the NOOKcolor and Nook WiFi. If the report in Engadget proves true, the bookseller would

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1 Million Nooks Sold, Could Double

Amy Gilroy October 27, 2010 Comments Off

Barnes & Noble revealed yesterday it sold 1 million Nook eReaders to date, as it announced a color eReader—the NOOKcolor. Forrester Research estimates that the bookseller will sell 2 million Nook devices by the

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B&N Android App; Shifts to Nook Brand

Amy Gilroy July 22, 2010 Comments Off

Barnes & Noble extended its eReader software to Android phones with a new app that now goes by the title “Nook for Android” as the booksellers seeks to play up its Nook eReader brand.

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Barnes & Noble Launches eTextbook Store/Studyware

Amy Gilroy July 12, 2010 Comments Off

Barnes & Noble is expanding the Nook brand beyond eReaders and is aggressively pursuing the eTextbook market. The bookseller Monday announced software for students called NOOKstudy. It permits access to a new eTextbook store

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Borders Launches eBookstore

Amy Gilroy July 7, 2010 Comments Off

Borders bookstore chain launched an eBookstore Wednesday, aiming to take a 17 percent share of the eBook market. It has a bit of catching up to do, as Barnes & Noble has a year’s

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B&N to Stock More eReaders in Full Boutiques This Fall

Amy Gilroy June 29, 2010 2

Barnes & Noble is preparing to expand the number of eReaders it carries and set up full eReader boutiques within its stores this fall. On a call with analysts today, the bookseller also said

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Free Coffee with Nook

Amy Gilroy June 8, 2010 Comments Off

Barnes & Noble continues to hone on its in-store advantage in selling its Nook eReader by offering a free cup of coffee to anyone reading an eBook on a Nook (or other device running

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eReader/Tablet Wars: Acer, B&N, Apple and Amazon

Amy Gilroy June 2, 2010 1

The news on eReaders and tablet PCs is fast and furious at the moment given the onset of Dads & Grads season, preparations for the holidays and the Computex Technology show in Taiwan this

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B&N Launches iPad App, Kindle iPad App Goes International

Amy Gilroy May 28, 2010 Comments Off

With Apple selling more than 1.5 million eBooks in the first 28 of the iPad’s launch, it’s no wonder Barnes & Noble has been racing to offer an eBookstore app for the iPad. The

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Nook 1st with eBook Browsing

Amy Gilroy April 23, 2010 Comments Off

As expected, the Barnes & Noble Nook eReader got a web browser and it became the first eReader to let you browse through eBooks as you would a paper book, when in a physical

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$199 Nook Lite on Way?

Amy Gilroy April 19, 2010 Comments Off

Barnes and Noble may be preparing to release new nook eReaders and it told Bloomberg it should offer a fix this week for current nooks that tend to freeze up while in use. Hundreds

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Nook is Best-Selling Product at B&N

Amy Gilroy March 18, 2010 Comments Off

The Barnes & Noble nook eReader has become the best-selling product at Barnes & Noble since it launched last November, announced William Lynch, the new CEO of the bookseller. Although specific numbers were not

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B&N Names Lynch CEO

Amy Gilroy March 18, 2010 Comments Off

In a sign of the growing importance of e-commerce, Barnes & Noble rearranged its executives making the head of its e-commerce business, William Lynch, its new CEO. Lynch, president of Barnes & Noble.com for

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QUE Delayed Til Summer

Amy Gilroy March 15, 2010 Comments Off

Plastic Logic delayed the release of its business-aimed eReader, the QUE, which is due to be sold through Barnes & Noble stores as well as online. Plastic Logic informed its customers that the device,

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Barnes & Noble Readies iPad App

Amy Gilroy March 11, 2010 Comments Off

The Apple iPad may have at least two eReader apps close to its April 3 launch as Barnes & Noble said today it will “soon be adding a new B&N eReader for iPad.” The

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