Morel Produces HiFi for Exotic Car

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Morel announced it has partnered with Tushek&Spigel Supercars, an Austrian super sport car manufacturer, to develop a hifi audio system.

The system will be available in a limited edition Tushek TS600  light weight carbon supercar.

Tushek&Spigel is known for its radical approach to design and use of exotic materials to create a light and strong hyper sports cars.. This will be the same principle for the audio system, said Morel.

Every detail of the system will beco-developed between the brands.

The new audio system will use Morel’s latestf carbon fibre cone technology coupled with a titanium voice coil for  maximum performance with the lightest materials possible. The system will be handcrafted and customized for the new TS600.
The Tushek TS600 will be able to run over 350 km/h taking 0-100 in 2.9 seconds


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