Omega Ships Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Omega TPMS

DOUGLASVILLE, GA –  Omega Research is now shipping a do-it-yourself  Tire Pressure Monitoring System  that can be added to a car in 15 minutes.

With the  wireless system, users replace all four valve stem caps with Omega’s tire pressure sensors and then plug a display into the cigarette lighter port.   The display wirelessly communicates with the sensors.

As soon as the vehicle travels over 12.5 mph, the LCD display shows the real time tire pressure of all four tires.  The system monitors for high and low tire pressure (High: 47psi / Low: 25 psi), fast or slow air leaks, and excessive temperature. If any individual tire sensor detects a problem, the display beeps and flashes and shows which tire is affected and its condition.

The system, called the SM-TP-71P, includes all necessary installation hardware and both black and silver sensor covers to match your rims.

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