Radio Has Crazy LED Ring

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MINI LED Ring pink

A new entertainment system is literally ringed by a striking row of LEDs that change color based on the navigation, radio and driving functions.

The LED ring surrounds an 8.8 inch screen on the new 2014 MINI Cooper.

The ring turns blue as you approach your turn in navigation mode.  As you are pulling into a parking spot it turns bright pink when you are ideally situated in the spot, say before you hit a wall.   The colors change when you adjust the radio volume, or increase speed or adjust the car’s temperature.

As a sister company to BMW, MINI include some other high tech perks in the car including a heads up display with navigation cues and iDrive with a touch knob that has handwriting recognition for inputting a destination address.

The new MINI also has a sport driving mode and an eco mode so you get red lights on the ring for sport mode and green for eco mode.

The “Wired Pack” option gives you connections to Facebook and Twitter.

You can see the ring react to parking assist 1.5 minutes into this 2 minute YouTube video by CarJam

We understand MINI released previews of the LED ring late last year, but as it is just now hitting showrooms, and as it is a unique design in a factory dash, we thought it worth a mention.  Plus it stopped us dead in our tracks at the NY York Auto Show last month.

Source: New York Auto Show

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  1. The screen panel is nice. And, the LED ring may be functional, but man, is that a distracting and ugly dash.

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