Omega Research Intros New Door Trigger

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Omega Research and Development Technologies released  a normally closed “Door-Trigger” sensor with five normally closed trigger inputs.

The sensor is a direct solution for complex Ford, Lincoln and Mercury door-triggers and it also simplifies installations on vehicles with normally closed door, trunk, and hood circuits.

It eliminates the need to cut factory wires to add diodes and resistors for a door trigger on a Ford Explorer, said Omega.  Instead the new AU-NCT sensor can monitor all four doors and the rear hatch, without cutting wires.

It can also be used to expand protection options by triggering when a circuit is broken, for example, if tools are removed from the bed of a work truck, a spare tire is removed from an exterior tire carrier, or a trailer is disconnected from its tow vehicle.
“The AU-NCT can be used to create your own normally closed trigger circuit” said Shawn Cooper with Omega R&D Tech Support “This is a great solution for customers who carry tools or ladders in an open bed truck or tow a trailer and need their vehicle security to extend to the trailer. If we can get a wire through or around any object we can trigger the alarm if this object is removed by cutting or disconnecting this wire.”

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