VizuaLogic Rear Seat Tablet/Headrests Sell Out

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Vizualogic tablet for car

VizuaLogic, maker of the Rear Seat  Vehicle Headrest Entertainment & Communication SmartLogic System is currently

Vizualogic tab the only supplier to our knowledge that has launched and is shipping production tablet headrest systems to customers.


For parents who don’t want to hand over their tablets to the kids in the back seat, Vizualogic offers a  SmartLogic headrest system that uses full Android removable tablets with 7-inch screens, instead of monitors.


The company said it has already sold out of its first shipment of it’s SmartLogic rear seat headrest entertainment & communication tablets and a second shipment is coming in.


CEO Gene Tuccinardi  said,  “We see this as a high growth category for the market.  This is where the industry is heading.”   He estimates his company alone could sell tens of thousands units a month.

The tablets can run apps from Google Play and Amazon markets, and they conform to automotive grade standards so they can withstand heat and cold (unlike a typical tablet that will shut down in the heat).   The SmartLogic tablet docks into the headrests, which charges the units and is integrated and connected into the car stereo system.  The SmartLogic tablets are fully WiFi capable with a front camera and microphone, so users can Skype and be connected for personal and/or professional use.


The systems cost $1,500 including two tablets, dual headrests, and two FM modulators, two pairs of headphones and two pairs of earbuds plus carrying cases.


Vizualogic’s tablet system is fully upgradeable, and with customer service and support, the tablets can be mailed back to Vizualogic.


Vizualogic is also working on an outboard DVD module that can be added to the system as an option.


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