Audison Intros Car OEM Replacement Systems

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Audison Prima

Audison (Elettromedia) introduced during CES what it calls the first aftermarket full speaker and amplifier replacement system tuned especially for individual vehicles.

The company showed a “Prima” system with 8 replacements speakers and subwoofers and an 8-channel DSP (Digital Signal Processor) amplifier.   The speakers are designed to replace those in the car with preset crossovers.  And the DSP amp is “flashed” for the particular car model.

Audison will initially offer the system for a few car models and said the VW Jetta will be one of the first.  It will include bolt-in speaker mounts in what it calls a complete plug and play system for the installer.

“There’s nothing custom involved. No one is doing a full car solution like this,” said a spokesman, adding, “Cars and getting more and more complex.  Our engineers have already set up eq curves and crossover points, so you’re ready to go.”

The Prima system will launch around September at an estimated price range from $1,500 to $2,000.

Also, under Elettromedia’s Hertz brand, are new SPL Show amplifiers including a Pro Audio big power 6,000 watt RMS, strappable mono amplifier.  There’s also a 380 watt by 2 stereo amplifier with shipping expected in two months.

Additionally, Elettromedia announced it will take a group of retailers to Italy in September as part of a sales incentive program. The trip will include a tour of Elettromedia’s factory in Potenza Picena, Italy.

It also announced a new Bit Play storage device for the car for FLAC files.

Source: Elettromedia


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