Another Niche for Car Audio Specialists

2013 Bentley car office

For car audio specialists, custom car and truck  “offices” might be a business niche worth pursuing.  The car companies think so.

2013 Bentley car office
2013 Mulsanne Bentley with drop-down iPad workstation.

The picture shows a 2013 Bentley ($296,000) with a built-in office.  That may be a bit pricey for the average contractor, but the point is that more small businessmen need some kind of office set up in their car or truck.

Dodge and Ford are building media hubs and WiFi into their offerings. So should a car audio specialist offer a full office set up for the car with a printer and fold out desk area?

As a story in NPR Monday noted, if a contractor can go back to his truck and tally up an estimate on a job and print it out, it can make the difference between winning the contract or not.

“We’re going to see more and more functionality out of vehicles. We’re a connected people now…” Jack Nerad, Executive Director of Kelly Blue Book told NPR.

Source: NPR

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