Ford Sells 5M Cars With Sync

Sync Pandora

Ford announced it has sold over 5 million vehicles with the Sync radio system in 5 years.

Sync Pandora

Microsoft, which co-developed the Sync,  said it continues to improve the system and is now focused on connecting it to sensors and other sources of data to help the driver.

Other advances in the Sync will be in natural language processing and “machine learning” to create a more natural interaction between the car and driver.

The car may become the most high tech device of all, said Ford.  It’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Mascarenas noted, “The car is a rich source of real-time data and when combined with the processing power available in the cloud, it could become the smartest device you will ever own.”

We think it’s fair to say that the Sync helped launch the “connected car.”

With its  voice-activated music,  the Sync gives you a Bluetooth or USB connection to a smartphone, and lets the radio control select apps.  It includes a cloud-based service for traffic reports, navigation, local searches and news, sports and movie listings.

Source: Ford Motor Co.

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