12V Newcomer Ships First-to-Market Aftermarket Blindspot Detector

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Goshers, a Mason Hill company based in Los Angeles, is shipping what may be the first aftermarket blindspot detector to hit the market.

It uses two rear-bumper radar sensors to determine if there’s a car in your blind spot.  Then two LED indicators are  installed at the top of each front door panel that light up in a bright orange/yellow color if the sensors are triggered.

GoshersThe system uses OE grade sensors and wiring, and Goshers offers a one year warranty on the “brain” or main controller unit for the product, it said.

Goshers Blind spot detectorSuggested retail price is $249.99 for the system and the product is currently sold on line only (Sonic Electronix offers it).

Goshers was launched recently by Hardeep Singh, an importer who saw a need for a retail add-on blind spot detector.

“When blind spot detectors became mainstream in Ford vehicles, I thought if someone could come up with an aftermarket kit, it would be huge. Anyone would want the extra peace of mind,” he said.

Despite 10 years as an importer, he couldn’t find a single company that provided a quality system that would be appropriate for the U.S. market.

Finally, “I was able to find a company already making parking sensors,” and they developed the aftermarket blind spot system, said Singh.

The system installs in virtually any vehicle.  It is weather sealed and comes with:

    • Main Controller Unit
    • Two Rear Bumper Sensors
    • Two LED indicators (for installation inside of vehicle)
    • One Alarm unit (for audible warning of a vehicle in your blind spot)
    • Includes Hole-Saw for drilling in to your vehicles bumper

Steelmate has also announced an aftermarket blindspot detection system.  It’s ship date has been pushed back to January (originally due this month). The $399 system plugs into the OBD 2 port of the car.

Audiovox is also working on an aftermarket blind spot detection system it told us in May.

For more info on the Goshers blind spot detector email [email protected]

Source: Goshers.com


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