Car Device Mirrors All Apps

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A car kit will launch September 1, that lets you mirror any app onto your car radio screen or DVD/screen.

Intraphex SID
Intraphex S.I.D.

The kit from Intraphex (formerly Directus) can be used with iPhones or Android phones “for every app you have on your phone.  There’s no jail breaking,” said Intraphex CTO  Don Zaeny.

“Mom can send videos to the back seat and you are not limited to specific apps.  For every app, you see the same interface on the screen,” he said.

Kids can plug in their iPhone and run games that display on the rear seat entertainment screen.

The kit is using proprietary technology rather than MirrorLink (a standard that aims to allow any smartphone to be mirrored on any car radio screen, but which has not yet taken off). Also the kit does not let you control the apps from the car screen or radio, only view them.

Intraphex chose to release its kit with proprietary technology rather than waiting for the MirrorLink standard to gain a foothold, at least for the time being.

The car kit, called the S.I.D. for Smartphone Integration Device will carry a suggested retail price of $499.  It includes the interface, wiring harness, and HDMI cable. Proprietary phone adapters must be purchased from the phone manufacturer.

Additionally, Intraphex announced at KnowledgeFest this week it will launch a new version of its Prodigy One car kits that are customized for different vehicles.

The Prodigy One system that adds touch screen navigation to various factory radios will now come with WiFi capability (from your phone), a built-in internet browser and voice commanded navigation.  Users will be able to get Google  LIVE! Point of interest searches on their car radio.   “You can use it for “YouTube or Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas prices.  You can get real time weather radar,” said Zaney.

The updated car kits use an iGo PRIMO voice recognition engine, which is the most robust available, said Intraphex.  Prodigy 1.2 is shipping now and the PRIMO 2.0 voice recognition software will be available October 1.

Lastly, Intraphex announced a new Prodigy 1.2 kit for BMW which comes with a screen overlay for BMW radios that adds touch screen navigation as well as the above Prodigy 1.2 features.  It retains all iDrive BMW features, while allowing the WiFi and voice command navigation of the Prodigy 1.2  It will ship by October 1 at $1,699.

Source: Intraphex

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