Startup Expands Best Buy’s Position with Car Connectivity

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Greenlight ConnectivityGreenlight Connectivity Solutions was launched this spring to take advantage of the growing “connected” automotive marketplace.  Greenlight is a unique venture between Best Buy and OpenAir Equity Partners.

GreenLight’s purpose is “to go after new market segments; anything related to connectivity in a vehicle,” said Ari Silkey, Greenlight’s co-founder and CTO and a former Best Buy Director of Product Development for cellular services.  Greenlight plans on adding  connectivity features to a variety of car products in addition to new products for drivers such as usage based insurance (devices that monitor your driving and permit discounts to good drivers). 

GreenLight won’t reveal its first project but it expects to bring a product to market this fall.

GreenLight is an independent company and so it can work for other partners, apart from Best Buy to capitalize on connected products, which may include infotainment.

Source: CEoutlook


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