Dealer Seeks Help After Tornado

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Some of our industry members lost their homes in the tornado that hit Joplin, MO this weekend. Four of the six staff members at Creative Car Audio were lucky to survive, and are left with just the shirts on their backs.

Creative Car Audio staff lost homes to tornadoPictured here is the home of Jeremy Wade, regional manager of the 4 store Creative Car Audio chain with locations in Joplin, Springfield, and Sedalia, MO plus one in Pittsburg, KS.

All store locations were unscathed but owner Don Fleury is raising funds to help his staff. He posted a Facebook page where industry members may make contributions to the 4 employees, and the store will match up to $2,500. By late Monday, almost $5,000 had been donated.

You can visit the Facebook page here.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Amy,

    Thanks for featuring this on your email article. We have had overwhelming support from our manufacture partners, manufactures sale representatives, distributors, industry piers, industry affiliates (including your self Thank You!) and also our customers. So a heart felt THANK YOU on behalf of our employees and our company.
    I am proud to be part of our industry and our community.


    Don Fleury

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