Phoenix Gold Launches Camaro Amp

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Phoenix Gold will debut at the Consumer Electronics Shows, one of the first aftermarket easy swap OEM replacement amplifiers.

The new I-Series 800 watt amp can quickly swap with a stock Camaro amp to boost power and bass along with a 10-inch Phoenix Gold subwoofer.

The amp plugs directly into the OEM wiring harness for the Camaro so it may install easly. Conversely, the unit can be easily removed when the car is sold.

“There is no fishing for obscure wires and no additional interfaces to wire up. The amplifier fully retains all the OEM functions such as steering wheel controls, head unit functionality, Bluetooth, OnStar and chime functions, just to name a few. This makes for a predictable and painless installation that is completely reversible when the lease is up or the car is sold,” said Phoenix Gold which is producing the amplifier in partnership with PAC.

The 6-channel amp has adjustable subwoofer level controls. It also has built in signal processing (DSP) preconfigured with multiple settings for optimum sound quality in the vehicle.

It has a subwoofer output as well as a pre-amp and remote turn-on output. The new amplifier won a 2011 CES Innovations award.

Source: Phoenix Gold (Aamp of America)

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